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Pain? Stress? Tension? Renew your health through medical massage.

Services and Rates

$10.00 off your first visit on any regularly priced massage therapy! 

We accept insurance! Call us to find out if your insurance will cover your visit.

We take Health Savings Accounts as well as Flexible Spending Accounts.

All therapies are $80.00 per hour unless otherwise noted. We accept all major credit cards.


Looking for Pain Management?

Therapeutic Massage
A specialized massage that uses different modalities to focus on specific injuries and conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, whiplash, and much more. Choose full body or designate a specific area for concentrated attention.

Deep Tissue Massage
A medium to deep pressure massage that helps increase circulation to chronic muscle tissue, re-establish independent muscle action, and realign posture and movement patterns.

Neuromuscular Massage Therapy
Utilizes static pressure on specific myofacial points to relieve pain by manipulating soft tissue to balance the central nervous system. Do you suffer from lower back pain? This is the most effective method of massage therapy for relieving lower back pain.

4-Handed Massage
An intensive session where two therapists use synchronized movements to work out your tough, stressed-out muscles. 1 hour $160.00

Chair Massage
Sit comfortably in a padded chair and enjoy a massage with a targeted focus on upper body. Do you suffer from extremely tense shoulders? This seated position often allows for better access to shoulder muscles. It can also allow for different angles of pressure along the lower back.


Sports Massage

Techniques oriented toward a specific sport or activity. When used regularly, it can enhance performance, prevent injuries, and speed the recovery process from your daily workout and racing regime. 30 minutes $50.00



Feel Stressed? Tense? In Pain? Find a massage option for you.

Anti-Stress Massage
A soothing Swedish massage that promotes wellness by improving circulation (oxygen flow in the blood) and increasing the release of toxins from the muscles with long even strokes to massage muscular tension.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage
A very gentle, light rhythmic massage that stimulates the cleansing lymph system and assists with the removal of excess fluids and cellular waste. Especially helpful in the detoxification process and boosts the immune system.

Couples Massage
Whether it's a loved one or friend, escape into an environment that is made specifically to relax and experience your massage together.
60 minutes $160.00

Retreat for the Feet
This cooling, skin-softening massage is a treat for the tired and sore feet.
30 minute massage $50.00


Advanced Massage Techniques 

Myofascial Release, Pregnancy Massage, Pain Management Therapy, Hydrotherapy, and several other customized options are available. Tell us you situation and we'll determine the best treatment path for you.

Ice Massage
Ice or cold material is applied to an injured area with slow, circular strokes. This helps decrease pain by calming the tissue and accelerates healing.
Add on to any 60 minute massage—only $10.00 extra!

Headache Relief
Combines a relaxing massage of the head and neck with an aromatherapy foot soak. Hot water draws congestion away from the head while massage eases tense muscles.

Deluxe Steam Treatment
This treatment primarily helps with fibromyalgia and detoxification. The client spends 30 minutes inside the "steamy wonder," followed by a 45-minute therapeutic massage. $120.00



Remember: Investing in massage is an investment in your health! Pamper yourself while you enjoy health-boosting benefits.


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